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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Do you have construction pics? That show the internal structure (if any?).
It's pretty simply put together. Framed it with 1" by 1/8 flat stock and covered using a roll of roof flashing. Sheet metal screws for attachment and tape to seal it up. I overlayed the template on the car and imported it into CAD. From there I plotted points along the curve and used the back of the trunk as a scale in CAD. I started with putting a loop horizontally on the car. I leveled it using cardboard and jackstands. Once that was together I started on the profile shape. There are 2 pieces that I attached to the bumper. The bottom shape I just kind of eyeballed. To get the metal above to bend I just welded the vertical parts to the cross piece and while it was hot I bent it around so that It would hit the roof. I did have to weld an extra 3 ft or so to actually reach the roof. After that I skinned it in the aluminum flashing.You can kind of see it in this picture. I can get a picture from inside later.

What do you do about tail light and the license plate?
The tail light is a trailer light, one of the narrow ones. It's like 1" by maybe 8 or 10 inches. The turn signals I chose initially are terrible. I bought some 4" flush mount trailer lights I have to put them in yet. I don't have a hole saw big enough. For the license plate I put 2 bolts in the sheet metal and then I put the license plate on and sandwiched it between the 2 nuts.

I'd be curious what it is like living with it. Parking and & etc.
It's not bad. Rear visibility is terrible without the side view mirrors. Right now I have the passenger side off and I don't like it. Parking isn't really a problem other than not being able to see behind you very well. Its just about the same length as my mom's 01 Pontiac Grand Prix. I usually park where there is a curb with grass overhang (I'm not sure what you call them). This way I just back over the curb and its not an issue.

Get some test results (coast-down or whatever) before other mods. To isolate the gain from that one modification.
I did a run using the instructables coast down method and excel sheet and got a Cd of .30 (vs stock .34, not verified just googled. I also had the passenger mirror off and didn't try to adjust the frontal area.) and Crr of .01285 I think one of my tires was a little low when testing though so it might be a little better than the data I got

As for 'as good as its going to get', consider truncating it less than a foot. See the Peter Brock Cobra Coupe or Dave Cloud's Dolphin.
Are you suggesting trying to follow template better and eith run a clear panel or just leave it truncated?
Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
You've hit 'saturation.'
The tail looks delicious! Thanks for doing that!
Thank you, pretty much everyone has said positive things about it, including "normies".
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