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Sick again. What do I have?! Am I contagious?! Am I safe to work with kids on Monday?! I don't know!

A week after I started taking antibiotics my sore throat came back and I developed a cough. There were times that it was bad enough that I thought I needed to return to urgent care, but by the time that I was able to, I was feeling better.

Until last night.

I kept eating chicken noodle soup and drinking juice. I had Theraflu and Nyquil. I fell asleep without a problem, but I woke up at 03, and simply could not get back to sleep. I was waiting for urgent care to open at 08. I said that I had strep less than two weeks before, I thought it was back, and now I had a cough.

The lady told me to go to the other location because they could not do x-rays, so I did. It seemed like the tiny nurse practitioner brought in a lady much closer to my size for moral support. Several times I told her that she was wasting my time and I got up to leave. I feel just like I did when I went in on the First, except that I now have a cough, but I was negative for strep, so I had a virus--or allergies.

Presumably I could have a different bacterial infection, just not strep.

I am absolutely contagious--or not, but she obsessed over my ankles.

Dad had big legs. All of the kids in my family have big legs. My skinnier sister complained that she couldn't find boots and our sister told her that she did not have ankles, none of us did.

No no no, I needed to go straight to the emergency room and charge up my credit card because she had feelings!

However, my feelings were absolutely unimportant.

I guess that I will just see how I feel on Monday and hope that I do not get anyone sick. I have had doctors tell me that I just had allergies.

I do not even know where to get a second opinion. The E.R.? How much would that cost?!
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