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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
8 banger 6.0L SUV 379HP still get 25mpg highway
3 banger 1.0L sub-compact barely gets 46mpg
And the 1.0 manages about a third of the CO2 emission and currently reduced nitrous oxides. Its diminishing returns, friction is friction. You'll got less but itll never be proportional with the capacity reduction. But when you consider the 1.0 is delivering the volumetric efficiency of a 2 litre commonly 15 or so years ago the numbers start to make sense.

On the other hand, 379 from 6 litres would be considered laughable here in Europe, where 6 or 700 extremely reliable horsepower for the same volume or volumetric efficiency is the norm. 379 would be considered decent, but not top flight, from a performance 2 litre over here, so it's all a matter of perspective.

The real trick Ford have pulled off with the 1.0 is how normal and docile it is. The boost isn't massive but is very linear, so minimal lag. It's well behaved, docile, the eighties Daihatsu were making some hugely fun 1.0 three pot turbos that made 100bhp, but they were shagged inside of 50,000 miles or less. Best of all, the Ford unit is very civilised - it recalls to mind the feel and performance of my 2.0 N/A Kia of only 12 years ago, but with getting on for arely half the fuel consumption. Respect to Ford for taking g engine design I a new direction, and doing so with such success.

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