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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
P&G didn't work well on my original Insight engine. I could gain some average MPG when engine-off costing down hills, but for normal driving on flat roads the gains were virtually zero. My assumption is that with the tall gearing and low displacement, normal cruising was basically already near the perfect BSFC zone for the engine already. That engine didn't have turbo enrichment and timing retardation to deal with.
P&G doesn't work in my fusion energi either. The computer inside gets confused with what your trying to do. You get about 3 P&G's before the gas engine kicks on, and stays on until it has enough charge, then you can p&g 3 more times. System monitor says, normal operation. I think it assumes your following someone ahead of you with inconsistent speed and standby's in "ZOOM" mode so you could pass them at full power, but I dont have enough knowledge on how the Energi system works in the fusion tho.

Doesnt work in the truck either, but on that thing even down hill you need to press on the gas to coast. Its got the aerodynamic cd of a pig sideways.
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