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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
As far as I know, an AWD Tesla still has an open differential, so basically 2 wheel drive (1 front, 1 rear). Perhaps they can individually brake a slipping wheel to provide traction to the one with most grip?
That's what I was thinking, the problem in this test the front and rear wheel with the most grip is only going to be fractionally more grip than the 2 wheels left undriven. Those undriven wheels still carry weight but provide no traction.
I wonder if this is why there will be a 3 motor Cybertruck. At least it will have the equivalent of a rear locker.
This is also why the Rivian 4 motor is better. You know that tug of war is coming one day, what will the cult think when the lighter Rivian drags the best Cybertruck away?
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