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I have a copy of England's top gear: S12 EP 4 Where the were told to drive 450 miles from Europe to a town in upper England on ONE TANK of gas!!

One Car Called a VW Blue Motion was rated for 75MPG (REALLY) and had a 10 Gal tank...the third car was a standard Jaguar sedan, rated 35MPG...all three cars made it...AND at the end of the show they reported that the Jag had enough gas left to have gone 1000 MILES ON IT ONE TANK OF GAS. Look it up and watch it...

I have been a long time member sense I discovered The 3rd, Gen where they found 85 Camaros could get 35MPH using a setting in the PCM called Lean Burn Mode.

I was able to do that 35MPG in a 2000 Mercury Grand Marques by running it at 16.4A/F ratio...

I am building a special 383 for my 93 Van which will run a TPI intake and a special moded PCM. I hope to get over 20MPH or more...

And I will be trying to get a 2003 Crown Vic to do that 35MPG as well.

I will be back.


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