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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post

(Original cake photo: Henry Burrows)

Tim and have been threatening to shut down the site for a couple of years now, considering the years-long trend of declining interest in fuel efficiency and DIY fuel economy mods.

But we felt bad for the 8 people who still visit the forum regularly.

So as a compromise, we've decided instead of going completely dark, we're setting up a WhatsApp account so we can all keep in touch through that. Way better than an old-school forum, right!?

Just kidding!

We're not going anywhere -- because it's time to celebrate EcoModder's final tween birthday by giving away The Customary Birthday Loot!

On Friday, January 17th, we'll draw prizes randomly based on forum posts made between today and then. (So the more you post, the better your odds. Not that our hard-core members need any motivation.)

The Loot:
  • ScanGauge II: (again generously provided by Linear Logic) will be awarded at random to one member* who posts in any thread in the forum between 12:01 AM EST today (Dec. 19) and noon EST on Friday, Jan. 17th.
  • EcoModder t-shirt: one additional randomly chosen member who posts in the forum in the same time period will receive an EcoModder t-shirt.
* ... only members who joined before today can win.

Your odds of scoring a prize have never been better

Good news/bad news: forum participation is near all-time lows, so your odds of winning are near 12-year highs!

So, thanks to all you hardcore members who have stuck around, mostly to argue about AGW. Good luck to everyone, and happy birthday to us!


With a lingering global oil production glut (thanks, shale oil!), what are the chances we'll ever experience a big oil price spike again? I wonder how wary oil producers are of creating conditions for high prices that will drive ever more new car buyers into electric vehicles.
Happy birthday, Ecomodder!

While I haven't posted in sometime, I've continued to enjoy following other people's posts throughout the years. I own two hybrid vehicles, and wasn't as personally invested in making mods as I had been before, when I owned a diesel Ford Excursion, as well as other non hybrid vehicles that could benefit from the many great ideas I've learned here.

I certainly hope that you don't go away, because there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned, even from the older threads! Have a happy holiday and a great New Year, and I look forward to continuing to learn from the members who regularly frequent the site!


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