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Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
Coolant temps too low should be an indicator of your thermostat, which should continue to recirculate the water until it hits the desired temp. Unless you have a crazy big oil cooler on it. Do you have a controller on the electric fans?

Auto transmission or stick?

Your best results would be from a sloped aero bed cover, on my old truck for a while I had a partial bed cover that only was from the cab back the first couple feet. It really didn't impact usability much, but I got a 5% MPG boost. Spats out of conveyor belt in front of the front tires would also help out.
T-stat is a 200*f stat, if I kick the fans on at 205*f it will drop temps all the way down to 192~194ish, if the fans kick off then it will cycle like that. There is just not enough heat coming out of the motor under normal conditions. I see the temp swings when going up a hill. T-stat is fine.

trans is a manual.

fans are controlled by a hayden radiator probe controller. Cheap, variable and easily disconnected for tune downloads.
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