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Anyone else want to negotiate?

I wrote that the KBB value in good condition is $2,635. It is $2,102 in fair condition. Everything looked pretty good to me, but I did not get under the car, and I still want a mechanic to look at it. I miss things all of the time!

I had planned on having the best mechanic in-town look at it yesterday morning, but either I have been sick all month, or I have allergies, but nobody will tell me. Seriously, I paid a nurse practitioner for a diagnosis. I did not get a diagnosis. I talked to my sister, a nurse practitioner, and as always, she was useless.

Do I need to stay home and rest or am I safe to work and pay my bills?!

Me: Sorry for not getting back to you, but I have been sick all week.
Owner: Sorry to hear that. If you want it it's yours. AC is working like it should now. I'm free after 3pm
I mentioned a mechanic in his area. I called and they said they could inspect it today (but they weren't the best-rated in-town!)
Him: Dude seriously I have no problem with that, bit this is a 2000 dollar car. Lol you dont think your being a little paranoid? I drive this everyday. Were in the same field. It's a good car I wouldn't lie to you.
Me thinketh the lady doth protest too much.
Me: Sadly, $2,000 is a lot for me.
Him: So your gonna pay more for someone to look at it? Lol its on you bud if you really want to go that route fine by me. But im firm at 2k.

At least twice mechanics have strongly encouraged me not to buy cars that I brought them. I do not think that they charged me, either.

Why did he suddenly say that he was firm? He originally mentioned the friend offering $1,600, making me think that I had more room for negotiating than I expected. He discourages a professional inspection and is firm on the price?

I told him that I hoped he found someone before his new compressor died.
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