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Is there a good DIY electric convertion out there?
I am curious to know about the feasibility and costs.
We're curious too. It looks like you posted regularly up 2013-02.

As suggested, conversion have gone from your only choice to a[n expensive] hobby. There are people who will take your money and make it happen, like EVTV or Zelectric. There are open source makers like Open Revolt.

As far as feasibility, I'd say start with a clean, well-lighted work space. You need a vehicle of course. If you need one, a choice like VW Beetle or Porsche 914/Pontiac Fiero can simplify the process.

The wonderful thing today is the wrecking yards are filling up with OEM components that were unobtainable a few short years ago.

It's hard to be more specific until you are.
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