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It is a Mega128. It fits the application well. There are enough timers, pwm, i/o and a/d channels to do it right. All the code is in C, fast enough for update at each combustion event. The system makes good use of interrupts.

I have exaggerated. There is much blah-blah by many. The real info, is difficult to find, and requires many sources and verification. Many of the books written on engine management just scratch the surface. The Bosch automotive handbook, and Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals by Heywood are good sources.

The guys that did the MegaSquirt are good engineers. My system was developed about the same time. I ignored the MS development, because I did not want to spoil my fun with DIY. Some people think I wasted energy doing my own system from the ground up. It is what I wanted to do.

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