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Ill toss in a spin on it.

For my ranger:

1st 3.91
2nd 2.24
3rd 1.49
4th 1.0
5th 0.8

1st - 2nd =1.67
2nd - 3rd = 0.75
3rd -4th = 0.49
4th - 5th = 0.20

So lets do a 1 - 3 -5 shift.

1-3 = 2.42
3-5 = 0.69 (Nice)

So shifting from 1st to 3rd is a pretty huge drop in my ranger. You'd have to rev it pretty high to get to 3rd happily, but 3rd to 5th is not as huge of a gap.

In my ranger, 1st gear pretty much is like a "Bull low".. Enough to get the truck rolling but little else.

All the numbers are greek to me. Ill have to do some real world testing. Personally on my western star. YMMV. Basically shifting when the engine is in its peak torque curve with as little rpm as required.

So without "splits"

3rd 1000rpm
4th 1100rpm
5th 1200rpm
6th 1300rpm
7th 1400rpm
8th 1500rpm

For my western star, 1000-1700 is where it makes its peak torque. Basically keeping the engine running in the lowest part of the torque band. But I wonder how this would effect a regular car or truck. Of course the rpms would be higher.. But I think Im going to test this out. Thankfully I just so happened to fill my tank.

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