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I had a busy weekend; saturday I changed the gas tank, sunday I did the timing belt and water pump, and yesterday I did the thermostat. Everything was smooth sailing until the thermostat. One of the bolts broke, I welded a nut to the stud and it just broke the stud. Twice. I ended up drilling and tapping it. However, it looks like someone has done that on one of the other bolts and when I went to tighten that one down it didnt get tight . I removed a/c and p/s stuff as well (looped the p/s lines at the rack). I don't have any pictures on my phone, I think I have some on my camera at home.

Lastly I removed the downpipe from the exhaust manifold and welded an o2 sensor bung in. I forgot to test the sensor so I didnt put the downpipe back on yet. I also am going to try and put the coolant heater from my van in. Its 1500w so its a little oversized, but atleast it will warm up quickly .

Pictures of the o2 install:

Checking fitment and marking location

Pipe removed and on the workbench

I'm using a spark plug non fouler as my bung

It was too long to get good reach into the pipe so I cut it at the external threads

I used a flap disc on the outside and a deburring tool on the inside. Helps to get it to sit still while tacking it.

Hole drilled

Pipe reinstalled (loosely) to confirm fitment

Final weld. Not the prettiest, but it should get the job done.

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