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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Solar particle climate forcing is definitely going to be in the 2022 ipcc report, after 40 years of only taking into account the wavelength of UV light that changes the least.
So you guys have 2 more years before the church of man made global warming is burned to the ground.
Who's going to be in the church when it burns?

Also that UV irriadance I mentioned, turns out that a large portion was made up.
It appears that solar irradance was assumed not to change and some how this assumption became part of science.
Man they do that a lot.

Things will get interesting, by interesting I mean bad for climate cult belivers.
I believe that the space-based,and terrestrial solar observatories' spectrometers observe the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Total solar irradiance does vary,and is continuously monitored,although the magnitude of its forcing cannot account for observed warming.That would be the greenhouse effect.Anthropogenic.
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