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some 2019 climate-related data

PBS and CBS television shared some observations for 2019:
*2019 will be one of the three warmest years on record.
*1/3rd of coral reefs are gone.
*Along with Australia's record heat,and 200-bush-fires,firefighters might have done more,had they not run out of water.
*Sea-level trashed Venice,Italy.
*The Gulf of Maine is watching its lobster population go away.
*Finland has lost half its reindeer population.
*Half of the Caribou are gone.
*Climate scientists (not the IPCC) are looking at 2-C.
*Antarctic sea-ice (shelves) are melting @ 6X former rates.
*Formerly ice-shelf-buttressed glaciers are accelerating into the oceans.
*Most of the ice-shelves are melting from below the water line,as currents,convective turbulence, and gyres deliver tropical heat.
*The Antarctic Peninsula has warmed 3.5-F.
*Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers are now rated 'unstable',and if either one goes,we'll see 5-feet of sea-level rise by 2100.
*At present global temperature,we're in for 20-feet of sea-level rise,from thermal expansion,ice melt, and glacial calving.It's only a question of the timing.
*We've gone above 415 ppmv-e atmospheric carbon dioxide
concentration,compared to a pre-industrial 280-ppmv.
*Melting permafrost is releasing methane,one of the more potent greenhouse gases,which will eventually biodegrade to 1,000-year carbon dioxide.
*California-sized algal blooms in the Arctic Ocean.
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