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D15Z7 Civic ViRS tribute car lives! MPG gains almost every tank!

A while ago I made a post about a car I planned to build with a Russian Market D15Z7 3 stage vtec engine, strapped to a CX long ratio transmission, with CX manual steering rack.
The car finally was registered Dec 1st, and just completed its 1st 2,000 miles! The fuel economy was way below expectations (guess I set them to high living in TN mountains) I commute 100 miles a day, I have a AEM UEGO wideband that I try to maintain at 25:1 - 30:1 AFR as it means its in lean burn, I continue to adapt my driving style in attempts to maintain leanburn as I go up steep inclines. Best tank was the latest at 40 MPG, planning to install injector kill, front grill block, and under body pan in the near future.

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