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Are SuperMIDs still for sale? Or complete MPGuinos?

I know the OpenGuage idea might be kind of against someone selling them...but maybe not?

The deal is, I got over my head building an MPGuino and I've spent about $100 on it and so far it isn't working. I knew it was beyond my current skills, but I thought I could bridge the gap. Well, I bridged a lot of gap, but not all of it. People are still helping me try to fix it, but I have some fears that I'm not going to be able to fix it without switching out a lot of parts. It's been fun, but it is starting to get depressing.

But I already have the power, ground, VSS, and injector tapped and together in a handy plug inside my car. So if I bought a SuperMID or a complete MPGuino, I could shed all of this stress and start benefitting from instant feedback in my commute car.

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