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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
1). Since the changes started for FE = Odometer Miles?

2). Engine Hours (looking for Average MPH over that span of miles as a change in Average MPH can account for all claimed MPG improvement).

3). Fuel cost (CPM; cents-per-mile; adjusted to a constant dollar figure per gallon).


A). Net income used to purchase supplies, gear, equipment for FE changes.

B). CPM adjusted accordingly (for, as a “fuel cost”, vehicle expense has increased)

It’s one thing to talk of improvements, but it’s only after their advantage has recouped cost that savings begin. (This would include those things removed)

Net income, is the thing. 12% reduction has meaning. In a 20,000-mile year at $3/gl it’s almost $500 in fuel (160-gals).

The real questions are:

I). What’s the CPM trend, in other words? Conjecture is that it hasn’t improved at all in spending-to-save (miles held constant).

II). Have e-fans (all changes) been put to the test? Towing greatest trailer frontal area and/or weight? Max axle loads with or without trailer? Otherwise need to add a note that truck has been de-rated to half-ton status regarding ability to do work.

Optimization of “empty” isn’t an FE goal for a pickup truck.

And I suggest you put the truck on a CAT Scale. My ‘04 2WD weighed more than 6800# when new. (CAT SCALE app. As the heaviest tire load per axle is the single accurate method of setting cold tire pressure it’s a necessary tool).

Yes fans have been put to the test, but not by me however...

I dont tow and dont haul anything heavy. If I did, I'd adjust as needed. Truck is my only ride and my baby (since 2006). Its been lifted, dropped, go-fast modded, air-borne at one time and continues to serve. These days its only seeing mountain dirt roads and lots of hiway miles getting there (trail heads for trail work & hiking)

RE: optimization statement... it is for me :-) <- I did the math at a co-workers request, saving $1100/yr for 35K & up miles driven over when I started. Since some mods paid for others, its a huge gray area as to where it sits $ wise on expenses. And to be open, the $ is not a concern... the challenge of getting the most mpg out of it is where the fun is. The $ saved just buys me another beer in the end lol.

I weighed my truck years back with different heavier wheels and a heavier tonneau cover, came i right at 7k. The pink slip showed something like 6850 so I'm betting its probably now at 6900 or so #.

Went from 18-20 mpg year round to 21-23 mpg year round after all the changes. These days, I have to drive real stupid to get to approx 20.5's for mpg.
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