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Thanks for the tips and kind works guys!

Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
Drive win it is snowing. The snow packs into stagnation points. Modifying the shape until a laminar layer develops guiding the fresh sticky snowflakes around the stagnation/impact point.
I think you will find that the snow will pack in were the road grim is . If the radius was too tight I would have expected to see recirculation / patterns like i see in the upper section

Unless you have an affinity for symmetry I would try moving both openings in the grill block to the inlet side of the radiator for better Delta T when cooling, this might also help with warmup times. You have the equipment to test. Use the scan tool and pin a land mark to the point it hits 90% thermostat open temp and first close with various startup temps. If your log will give you mi/time stamps that makes it easier.

I think your test is good enouph for a dose it work, but as stated multiple runs (3-5) avg would give a more accurate how much. Also how many mi run before testing? Cold diff oil ect. can have a large impact on results

Dream Big Chisel Down To Reality
This winter we've got almost zero snow, so no way to test using it.
I never thought about the diff oil temperature throwing me off. I just drove until the engine was up to temperature, then started testing.

Radiator tanks are top and bottom, and the inlet is at the top. Air intake is also at the top, on the right side, next to the headlight.
I will prepare some extra grille blocks to test warmup times during the skiing trip.

I had to buy a new Jeep (2 years newer than the old one) and redid the chin spoiler to reach a bit lower and have a stronger mount and changed the grille block after noticing that all new cars have the upper portion of the grill blocked off:

I also built a panel to cover a big gap in the bumper behind one of the rear tires.

On a trip to Greece this summer I had to keep my speed higher than usual, 110km/h vs 95km/h. Highway fuel consumption was good IMO given the speed and the terrain (at some point we had to make a detour through a very narrow road, up a mountain pass)
1986km, 8.157L/100km - 1241 miles, 28.83MPG

Yearly ski trip is coming up, I have a lot of fuel consumption data from my previous trips.

What next?
Maybe a bit of a horizontal extension to the chin spoiler
Blocking the rear bumper gap on the exhaust side
Full upper grill block

I will try to find some time and re-do the testing but this time measure diff and transmission temperature.

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