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My 300zx Tuft Testing Mods Video

Here's the link to my 300zx tuft test video.

Note: All my videos are humerus, please do not be offended at my choice of cheesy 80's music, and not-so-politically-correct, counter-productive acceleration

Aerodynamic Tuft Testing | Dot Vids .NET

First Tests:
-Deleted mirrors, and Custom Front Air Dam
-Tufts show ugly v shaped turbulence due to the external 3rd brake light

Second Test:
-Relocated 3rd brake light to interior behind glass, Shaved Antenna, and Removed rear windshield wiper
-Tufts show much smoother attached flow

Note: Some of the tufts on the driver side are a little blown to the side, I think, because of the oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway

At the end it shows the effects of the rear glass tufts behind a Semi's Wake at 70 mph (really cool)

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