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The Dutch 100MPG(?) Peugeot 106

Hi All,

Years ago I stumbled upon this website and the idea of eco tuning a car stuck. Together with a friend, we finally found a good reason to do it. For a major Dutch magazine, we're investigating how much more efficient a current petrol car can be when we do some compromises to design and comfort.

The original car is a Peugeot 106 1.1 with 60 hp and a factory consumption of about 1l per 16.5 km (around 39MPG). We want to improve this with at least 100%, so around 80 MPG, but we're hoping 100 MPG might be possible to.

So far, we've stripped about 55 kg (not much effect) and added that weight with a durable tail section. Nice detail: we can still use the tailgate, the entire tail section can flip open. The rear wheel covers can be removed. All the parts are hand made in steel and aluminium. The plastic rear panel is temporarily, we want to make that out of aluminium as well, with nicer led lights.

Next on the list is making a new front bumper out of aluminium and covering as much of the underside as possible. We also have some Renault Twizy tires and we want to shape the front quarter panels like the Peugeot Vera Concept from the early 80s. No idea if it really helps, but it looks cool.

Of course we want to do better than this car...

If anyone has some great tips for further improving the economy..? Let me know!

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