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Tomorrow is one week until the challenge is over. I am behind where I hoped to be. I got sick over the holidays and didn't really feel like working on the car until the Tuesday after christmas. I put the car back together from the maintenance stuff on wednesday. I installed a new speedo cable because the old one was broken (which is why the speedo/odo didn't work). After driving for a bit to make sure everything was working right the vss (vehicle speed sensor) went out and the car wouldn't shift out of first. I fought with it to get it out because it was seized in the transmission. I ended up shortening a drill bit and drilling and tapping the sensor. Then I used a threaded rod (7/16") and a pipe as a puller. Worked flawlessly. Now the speedo and odo work . That brings us up to this morning.

I filled the tank up and went out to home depot and got 3 4*8 sheets of coroplast. I also bought some insight rims WITH potenza re92's for 220 shipped. The tires are in better overall condition then the ones that were on the car. Dropped 8 lbs per wheel. They are missing the center caps though. I only put the fronts on in this picture, I have a full set that are now on.

I did drop a tire size or two though. There was 2 different sizes on there originally: 175/65r14 and 175/70r14 vs the re92's 165/65r14.

The only other things I have done is install the controller for the wideband, still need to wire it into the car but I have found which wires I'm tapping into. I also installed the switch and ID'd the wires for the leanburn switch. Now I need to make a detailed plan for the wheel skirt and nosepiece. I think it will be easier to combine the boat tail/wheel spats on the front into a nosepiece as well as a belly pan.

As an aside, I got featured in the local paper and got a quick reference on one of the Indianapolis news channels. I would post a link to the paper, but I feel like that would give my location away. That was Dec 30th. I've had 2 random people recognize my car out in the wild already.
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My other hobbies have no ROI (making things go fast). So I'm having fun modding my car for better mileage and the side effect is that I save money on gas day to day.

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