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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
yeah make sure Not to use the Revise gear when towing (just don't put yourself in that situation )

you will damage the CVT revise gear also use the M gear m3 if you want AFM M4 give you full power V8 with E-Assist (besure to turn on the A/C so you don't accidentally deep CYCLE the high voltage battery i.e getting the State of charge too high) it will be worth the slight extra gas
as that HV battery is expensive.... so also good to use the A/C in the winter occasionally for 5min or so (this will keep the seals in good condition for many many years )

if you can afford it get 91/93 octane for the MAX amount of MPG and MAX low end power i get about 27mpg on the highway with it worth the extra 30 cents as 87 octane would cost me over 5$ to go 27 miles
i save 1.34 per gallon with the high octane fuel chevron or mobil are the best as they don't screw you on the octane you buy Shell/arco have screwed me on the octane when I paid for 91 octane they gave me 87 octane it happened at 3 stations for both arco and shell. what a scam they are pulling
I left it in drive and only put it in m4 when we were coming down the mountains. And yes, using premium fuel kept it from downshifting as much, spent a lot of time in a lower gear ratio, hard to tell which one with this trans.

Revise gear?

Sorry for the thread jack!

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