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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
I left it in drive and only put it in m4 when we were coming down the mountains. And yes, using premium fuel kept it from downshifting as much, spent a lot of time in a lower gear ratio, hard to tell which one with this trans.

Revise gear?

Sorry for the thread jack!
reverse gear my bad it's bad to back up with a load on the cvt gear

dont' use drive gear when towing unless your above 45mph, so you can stay out of 6th gear [EVT2], then you can switch from M4 to Drive, you can cause severe damage to the CVT portion if you tow in CVT mode but it's your transmission

it's easy to tell
0-15MPH 1st
0-29 mph 5th gear[EVT1] [Auto Stop]
15-35 2nd
35-50 3rd gear
40-45mph 6th gear[EVT2 v4-DFCO 50MPH and below, Fuel economy mode]
55mph > 4th Gear [50-55 varies between 3rd and 4th gear depending on engine load]

as you can see the gearing is complicated

4th gear is good tell 90mph it will be about 2300 rpm at that speed

it's hard to tell but i go by the RPM (shifts are smooth a silk and physically undetectable)

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