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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
reverse gear my bad it's bad to back up with a load on the cvt gear
I think you are confusing a CVT with a DCT. Most CVT transmissions use a torque converter (a fluid coupling) like a regular auto instead of a clutch, so they aren't harmed by crawling forwards or backwards. However, some CVTs like the ones found in some Hondas use a start clutch instead of a torque converter, so it's best to avoid crawling in those just like with a DCT.

A DCT (Dual clutch transmission) has no torque converter. Instead, it has clutches that may overheat from slipping and fail if you crawl for a long time, especially under load. The reason for this is because it can't fully engage the clutches until you reach a certain speed or the engine would stall (like letting the clutch out at too low of a speed in a manual transmission). Therefore, the clutches must slip. This quickly makes a lot of heat, which can destroy the clutches if done repetitively or for extended periods of time, especially under load.
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