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A four minute mile (plus-ish)? At 30mph? maybe they're counting the elevator ride.
  • 0:44 Why are they holding hands?
  • 3.15 Incoming lawsuit from Lego in 3... 2... 1...
Can you imagine the Noise/Harshness/Vibration if they did get up to 100mph on that roadway?

Is that viable???
Which part?
  • 1/10th the tunnel cross-section for 1/10th the cost? Possible.
  • Bore through the human trafficking tunnels in Brentwood? Also possible.
  • Provide sufficient elevators to fill multilevel tunnels going to/from anywhere? The outlook is cloudy
  • Better suited for hyperloop than private cars? Indubitably

Historical context:
The Giant Salt City 1200ft Beneath Detroit

Detroit’s salt mines are like an underground city within the city. It is a massive expanse of 1,500 acres and over 100 miles of roads right under everyone’s feet. It stretches from Dearborn, located in the northwest of Detroit’s metropolitan area, and known to automobile lovers as Henry Ford’s birthplace, via Melvindale to Allen Park in the southwest.
I was reminded because an executive with Detroit Salt Company was kilt in a plane crash recently. Part of that exploding houses and Planned Parenthood thing they have going on there.

What's the Boring company doing for reals? A nuclear subterrene?

See also:

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