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I find it more than a little funny the price-balk expressed in posts above. This really is custom-made. Iíve handled shotguns that cost more.

Second, have ANY of you accounted your lifetime expenditures for transportation? I doubt it. Balking at this trailers price is an equivalent to pricing cars based on the monthly note and weekly fuel expenditure. None of you are thinking in terms of being able to see it pass to grandchildren. MORE THAN fifty years service with your family. (Poor men, not rich).

The trailer I own (and the pickup) I inadvertently mis-priced in an earlier post. The truck would retail at $70k. This trailer (modernized) would be nearly $200k at retail. Given finance costs, the package past $300k.

Itís much better built than an Airstream (the entry level choice), but itís by no means on the level of the revived BOWLUS.

ďCampingĒ is being outdoors. The trailer size isnít as important. One needs some clothing and some food. Thatís it.

And the family car that can pull it neednít be a pickup. Itís size means itís easier to store garaged than most others. Itís beauty guarantees there will always be interested buyers from across the planet, not just those 30Ē from your house.

ďPriceĒ isnít a problem. Quality is always the problem.

Sure, the appeal is limited. But they donít have to make many. Silver Streak ó my brand ó never built more than six per week. Airstream kicks out more than that per hour.

The rarity means the used market wonít ever fall far. 50% of retail price may only ever appear due to damage. And that, 20-years from now.

Itís efficiency is the only interesting argument. Light weight doesnít mean much, but in combination with the aero design . . itís nice. Not great. Not world-changing. Like a hand-made wooden boat built today thatís a Hacker-inspired design, itís the pleasure of another era.

So the efficiency is low. Worries over damage and theft preclude ordinary use (trouble-free means also low concerns re these two).

No one will ever buy it for ďefficencyĒ (a Porsche Gullwing replica).

Iíve stated it elsewhere and will here again that (in the above sense: efficiency) will be in sourcing an Airstream at the ten-year mark where depreciation has bottomed. Yet itís new enough that next to nothing will be required (relative to others travel trailers), making it a pain-free acquisition.

A family car that can take multiple hits in an accident, (4K lbs, 122Ē WB) is large enough for a family, and is otherwise a fleet vehicle ensuring continent-wide ease-of-service (thus Charger/300) is its natural mate. But prospective buyers are in the class where more than one $100k car at home is a norm.

25-28í is the most popular Airstream size (highest used price) and there arenít any FE concerns that make larger or smaller much of a difference. Thereís a decent minimum size in travel trailers and cars. Less isnít a savings.

Acquisition Cost + Refurbishment (both vehicles) is where the savings are located for the typical (90%+ of Americans) working class citizen. (Middle Class is $250k annual income plus $500k net assets as minimums ).

The Bowlus is UPPER middle class. When my parents bought their Silver Streak, they already owned a Formula Thunderbird boat and a Beechcraft Bonanza. Theyíd have fit the expected buyer profile. (Can afford both to buy new and to hire out maintenance to keep as new).

Iím part of the group that can choose one of two of those three, but only used, and nearly all maintenance & repairs are on me. And my income is above average.

Does the Bowlus cost as much as a house? Itís dead center, then, on price historically.

You arenít the market.

OLIVER and BIGFOOT are where to start for dollars spent well (besides used AS). They need to be upgraded (first thing) to fully independent suspension plus anti-lock disc brakes.

Plan out covered storage. Install a 30A outlet next to a concrete pad plus fresh water & sewer. (This is where to start the entire process). An RV means you can always shelter your family, no matter where you go (the guiding ideal).

The 90% have to think about practicality.

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