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Originally Posted by racprops View Post
Well I got it for under $500.00 but did need a fuel pump,(used) and the A/C need a total rebuild, which I did for the cost of parts...and I am fixing her up.

And unlike a little toy car that you will die in if hit by anything even a kid on a bicycle, my car has a very good survival rate.

The idea of a car only weighing as much as its cargo seems insane, you would be riding in a powered cardboard box. Now IF everyone was in the same cars OK but with so many driving big Trucks and BIG RIGs such a car would hardly cause them to feel a bump as they run over you.

Maybe I'm just not paranoid. I'm 71 now, and nobody has run over my 20 pound bicycle or 200 lb motorcycle. I don't drive like that, and I'm a smaller target, too. I installed 3-point belts in my car when I was 16, always buckled up, and never needed them or worried further. However, for the safety minded, I have sketches of what amounts to a full-body helmet with wheels and motor attached.
There is no excuse for a land vehicle to weigh more than its average payload.
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