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Of course there is always:

A faster gun

Or someone that will shoot you in the back

Or a faster better fighter

Or a dirtier one

Or a bigger bomb

Or a Nuke

Or a super nova

Or a bigger truck...

IF your number is up....

On the other hand running across a 80MPH loaded freeway in your underwear is not a good idea...driving a strong car can help in most of the accidents you most like to be involved in.

I am 71, and have been a number of them and so far not been hurt in a car, but only when I rode a motor cycle...which I stopped after the third one, NEVER again... I lost the hearing out of my left ear at 16.

That was almost like my bit of underwear and a freeway....


Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Ah, the "Highway Arms Race" again.

I don't care what you are in, if you love the "hit by a semi" scenario, it doesn't matter. I know a man who is virtually a vegetable for life that was hit by a semi... AND HE WAS IN A SEMI.
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