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Originally Posted by 99metro View Post
My opinion:
Tires. Use highway treads and pump them up to max cold pressure or a little more.
Slow acceleration.
55 mph or less, preferably stay at the speed overdrive gear shifts to.
Don't use the A/C.
Don't use the heater til you reach operating temperature.
If you have a programmer, set it to the one that gives the highest timing advance.
Aero mods and such will just nickle and dime you to death.
I have Toyo Open Country AT2's, street tires wont cut it off road and I run them at 50~54 psi (54 up front).
Speeds are at 60~62 for best mpg
Whats A/C?
Takes 20 minutes to get to operating temp IF outside ambient temps are 45 or higher. And even then its not at my target temp of 200*f. I need to get a PWM controller on the water pump to fix this.
Tuning, I do my own using HP Tuners
Aero mods, did those back in 2018 (the bet from co-worker that I could not get 5 tanks to average 23+ mpg) so the nickle has already been spent. The dime would be spent to clean up the flow under the truck, only have the 2nd air dam I made under the front swaybar.

As it sits, I am lucky to hit 70*f IATs, this sucks for FE, I also dont heat soak the coolant except on longer trips, 40~50+ miles before I get there. Once I do get there it is pretty stable @ +/-5*f.

My best bet is to slow the water pump down to a minimum speed at CTs below ~160-180 then bring speed up based on CT. I also thought about blocking or diverting airflow to the motor behind the fans. Had a battery cable go bad which put one of my fans on overdrive speed (was on low setting) and dropped engine temps down to the 170*f range pretty quick. The other fan was slowed down as it was hooked to the other battery that was not getting charged. Alt charges passenger side batt, crossover cable connects the drivers side batt, that cable went bad. Fan on overdrive was on the passenger side batt.

Since I have already been close to 23 on winter fuel in cooler temps, I would suspect that once I get the cooling 100% under control, 23+ under all conditions should be attainable.
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