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OK here is something to chew on:

First was this:

This is the official website of the 1959 Opel P-1 Hardtop—the car that shattered the record. If you haven't yet heard the full story, this historic station wagon broke the world record for auto gas mileage in October 1973 with a highly modified engine which allowed the car to travel 376.59 miles on a single gallon of gasoline during a Shell Oil Co. contest at Wood River, IL.

376 MPG | The Story of the 1959 Opel P-1


1000 Miles in a Jaguar XJ twin-turbo Diesel car on one tank of gas (18 Gal tank) Top Gear season 12 episode 4 review

Episode Details & Credits
BBC-2 | BBC America | BBC Two | Air Date: November 23, 2008

Starring: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond

This week's challenge is to drive from Basel in Switzerland, to the north west coast of England. This must be done on just one tank of petrol - no splashing and dashing in France, just one tank. The first to arrive - if any do - gets the honour of switching on Blackpool's illuminations.

So May, Hammond and Clarkson set out on a Eco challenge across Europe. To please the environmentalist they try and get from Basel (Switzerland) to Blackpool in the UK with only one tank of petrol.

This time they didn’t have a tight budget but any production car was allowed. James showed up in a Subaru Legacy Diesel, Jeremy picked a twin-turbo Jaguar XJ and Hammond arrived at the start in a BlueMotion Volkswagen Polo. As far as Top Gear races go this must have been the dullest to date up until the point where the cars are about to run out of fuel with the finish line in sight. Everybody who has ever run out of petrol, and I must admit I have as well, knows that the last few miles give a huge adrenaline rush over wheter or not you will make it to the next petrolstation. You’ll have to see for yourself who won!

OK a dull show: kind of, get this First all three cars make it!! All three cars drove 740 Miles on ONE TANK of gas!!

The BlueMotion Volkswagen Polo is a 3 cylinder diesel and gets 75MPG and has a 10 Gal. Tank.

The Subaru Legacy Diesel was rated for 45MPg and has a 16 Gal Tank.

The twin-turbo Jaguar XJ was rated at 35MPG and has a 18Gal Tank.

Jeremy planed of running out of gas outside London and gong home, so he did not even try to get good gas mileage and drove with the A/C one and fast. YET he made it, 740 miles on one tank.

AND at the end of the show the techs checked how much gas was left in the Jag and reported it could go another 260 miles so the Jag has a range of about 1000 MILES PER TANK.

You can watch it here for $1.99:
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