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Depends on the trip and conditions but 70+mpg in the summer at 70mph. 55+mpg to the tank at 80mph. I managed to get a hair over 60mpg on a tank one time driving 80mph throughout the tank but it was hot, no air conditioning running, high altitude in the desert. 2000 Honda Insight 5-speed in 2nd overdrive.

More details about high speed MPG in the Insight - Same 3600 mile trip driving at whatever speed I needed to keep lean-burn engaged was 73mpg, just a hair under 50 gallons but I don't know the average speed for that run but most of the time the MPG gauge was showing 75 but hills require dropping out to lean-burn to hold reasonable speed but a solid amount of the trip was in the 70-78mph range(mostly on the lower end of the range though). Driving the same trip last year at the speed limit instead of driving for MPG and I burned 60 gallons(60mpg) the route is MN south on 169 for a short bit with variable speeds, west on I90 (70 in MN, 80 in SD), continued through a bunch of Wyoming two lane highways that I forget the speed of but I know a few spots I was driving 80 speed limits, 75 or 80 on I80 in Wyoming and Utah, I think 80 in Nevada but not sure. I drove 80 in a Prius and it got 42mpg in the similar conditions that my Insight gets high 50's to 60mpg.
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