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Nope, as I have said before...I am more into making the vehicle efficient than the whole hypermiling thing. I am still unconvinced about turning off a hot car (water pump stops as well, temp goes up) especially on a car known for head gasket issues. Additionally there is the wear an tear on the starter, flywheel, keyswitch etc. The ability to shift it into drive and move quickly if needed....which I have had to do in the not really different than having to shift a manual and let off the I am comfortable with that. Additionally, my Dodge truck manual actually suggests putting the auto trans in neutral at stoplights (for cooling when towing) so I can see that what I am doing is withing the design parameters of these vehicles.

25mpg is what lists as the combined mpg for this vehicle. If I am getting 5mpg better just around town...I am happy with that.

Over the winter, I'll likely be switching the trans to a manual (already have a donor car) and driving the cherokee in the next spring the mileage will be better still....

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