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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Pretty sure that Opel is misrepresented and is part fraud, in that I think they are burning crankcase fumes to the point where it would run or nearly run with an empty fuel tank.
My thoughts too. I had never heard of it until I came across it at the warehouse, and subsequently looked at their website and tried to find out what I could about the 1973 Shell competition. Nothing. The website for the car says it was a minimum 30mph contest, but nothing about distance, allowed driving techniques, conditions, modifications, or other competitors. So even if it did get 300+ MPG, we have no way in which to judge that against any other car. (It reminds me of Toyota's publicity stunt at the 'ring, claiming 600+ MPG from a plug-in Prius, a few years ago. Maybe that car will show up in a collector's garage 40 years from now with a similar tale of fuel economy magic).

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