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Kach22i, good point, On fixing things first. The o2 sensor heater failure should just let me run a little rich until the exhaust temp gets up to operating temp. I think.

The EPA Est mpg is 19/24 on an 03 Sienna. I have not seen an attempt to Eco mile one of these.

It has a not so cool engine feature. The v6 is angled so 3 cylinders are covered by the fire wall and the intake manifold. You have to take the intake off to change the plugs and o2 sensor on that side. No miss fire codes yet.

Next step: planning to extend the chin splitter under the front a few inches. And block off a bit of the under bumper fresh air intake to the radiator.

It also has all the time on headlights that I need to figure out.

Maybe even wash and wax it. SC
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