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I don't think I will make it. Definitely possible to be very close though. Last weekend I worked on the car for awhile. I put a partial belly pan, rear wheel skirts, front wheel spats, sealed radiator tunnel, sealed front openings (air dam and headlights, etc.). Not this weekend, but since my last post I installed a converter lock up switch. I noticed awhile ago that it didn't seem like the converter was locking up so I installed a switch and it is now working (definitely brought mpg's up). Since I installed the lock up switch I now have to adjust lean burn to the difference.

This morning I had a good run. I got stopped by a train so I got a warm car run for the last 2/3rds of my commute. I got 47 mpg (my typical driving is minimal driving techniques, mostly just maintaining speed and paying attention). I think with lean burn and some practicing I will be within reach.

We sat down and the time has been set for sunday at noon. I don't know if they didn't remember all the stipulations they had set, but some of the restrictions have been lifted.
  • Must stay above the speed limit
  • "No coasting for long distances to stop signs" Not sure where the line will be drawn for this one. I.E. can I PnG above the speed limit (up to 20 sec glide)?
  • No drafting

The route is through a few medium-small size towns so average speed should be down. I will try and drive atleast part of the route before this weekend.

At 55 mph, a 10% drag reduction translates to a 5% increase in fuel economy. At 70mph,a 10% drag reduction translates into a 6% increase -Phil Knox (Aerohead), Aerodynamics Seminar #2

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