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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
I believe the engine must run at higher speeds even when not accelerating to run the trans fluid pump.

These engines don't have a lean burn, but the cam is special and allows LIVC, late intake valve closing.
Yes it does

it has v4-DFCO (Fuel shut off) you can watch the O2 sensors hit 0.00 to 0.235 volts that means 100%-75% oxygen... you can actually drive in this mode I found a glitch in the computer system to regenerate,DFCO and speed up on the down hills at the same time . even if it's very very slight

No shell anymore they scammed me , I just use Chevron only

the BEST i have gotten was 31MPG so far around town. so far

55.00% increase over the base EPA mpg
138.46% over the base EPA of a normal 6.0L suburban 1500 (same year/front end)

best on the highway is 26.9mpg (variable speeds)
35% increase over the base EPA mpg
92.85% over the base EPA of a normal 6.0L suburban 1500 (same year/front end)

I think we need to move onto Aero mods as i hit the cap of what hypermile can do

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