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The Van - '95 Chevy Astro Cl
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The new bike - '17 Kawasaki Versys X 300 abs
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The Mercury - '95 Mercury Tracer Trio
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I tried EoffC on a trip from my mom's house to mine (which is on the other side of town) and got a personal high of 48.90 mpg . My previous best was 34 before these last mods. Thats a huge improvement .

Aluminum flashing ~80 (I still have about 1/3rd of the second roll left)
Steel framework for the tail was 25 (Have 1 more 10 ft piece)
Lights were 40ish
coroplast was 78 (still have 2 full 4*8 sheets)
Batteries* were 150 + 20 for wiring
rims and tires were 220
Misc (tape, screws, etc) ~20-25
Total: $638

*I went ahead and bought a second battery of the same size. Even though one battery was enough I was pushing it sometimes. Either due to forgetting to plug the car in or just too much driving in a day.

Don't have a solid mpg number since the last mods. Assuming average for whole year to be 52 (easy math) then I get double the fuel economy for stock combined (26). Average gas price for 2019 was $2.47 in Indiana. My current job is only 3 days a week (part time) hopefully it goes up to full time when I graduate. If I go with 5 days a week thats 150 miles per week. So I would save $3.55 a week (5.77 gal stock vs 2.88). That means it would only take 179.5 weeks to break even. AKA 3.45 years ! Of course this doesn't count any other driving I do.

I had fun though and I'll restate what I've said to others: My other hobbies have no ROI (making things go fast). So I'm having fun modding my car for better mileage and the side effect is that I save money on gas day to day.
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