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A constant supply of vaporized fuel will reduce the injectors from staying open each session .
After install one should reset the ECU and most learning ECU's have a certain period where data is gathered and stored -thereafter the ECU is then in control under closed loop to provide the mapping under certain conditions.

The AFR is all over the place when people drive anyway - I have an additional wide band in my exhaust and I watch the AFR like a hawk .

One can use PCV but I would say from only my experience is that one ideally wants to add a constant flow of vapor in small increments via the throttle body .The ideal start would be that required at the the first step of IDLE off .

By doing so one can record the pulse width of injectors to make the decision to increase or not .Older carb vehicles were easier to do this to and modern ECU's are a lot more difficult to manipulate under closed conditions.

The airbox beginning is not always a good thing as on some vehicles there are additional inputs /outputs being the PCV system that shares the airbox .

ECU manipulation would help if that is at your disposal and you know what you are doing .

At the end of the day fuel in a vapor state is more efficient period.
Injectors spray droplets that are still many times larger than cracked fuel .

Perhaps the burning question (no pun ) is why did the motor industry force ECU systems .Perhaps it was not global warming but too many people getting close to amazing mileages per liter of fuel .

I have tried it on my vehicle and run a small genset on vapor and it works .
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