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Originally Posted by DDG
Rotorheads/Gimbal - gyroplane
Rotorheads/Gimbal. In the world of rotorcraft there are a few different rotorhead arrangements that can be employed. The most common types of rotor designs are semi-rigid, fully rigid, fully articulated and soft in plane. These rotor designs can be found on helicopters but only a few of these are used on gyroplanes.
An 'elicopter would have cyclic and collective pitch. More complex.
Pitcairn-Cierva PCA-1A | National Air and Space Museum
After Pitcairn realized that the solution to the rotor spin-up problem was a power-takeoff controlled by a clutch, he modified the PCA-1A to incorporate a much lighter tail structure with a single vertical stabilizer to replace the original design.

1941 Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro - N3908
However, many gyroplanes are equipped with pre-rotators that divert engine power to give the rotor a head start, and some are even powerful enough to do what's called a jump takeoff. In 1929, legendary aircraft designer Harold Pitcairn partnered with de la Cierva to build Autogiros under license in the United States.
The Focke-Wulf Triebflügel used rotor-tip ramjets, but that design can't self-start.

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