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I haven't seen the anime it appeared in, but my impression is that helicopters fly with the rotor disk tilted forward to assist the cyclic pitch in forward thrust and autogygros tilt backward to harvest thrust for lift. They

An unaerodynamic car. Those front fenders cost 5mph top speed:

Well Youtube took pity and recommended an old Mother's Basement episode that reviewed Castle of Castle of Cagliostro, and at it's referred to as a 'steampunk helicopter' in a scene where it hovers against the castle roof.

I'd say compound helicopter, or gyrodyne:
A gyrodyne is a type of VTOL aircraft with a helicopter rotor-like system that is driven by its engine for takeoff and landing and also includes one or more conventional propellers to provide forward thrust during cruising flight. Lift during forward flight is provided by a combination of the rotor, like an autogyro, and conventional wings. Due to a number of issues, there is some confusion over the term "gyrodyne", and the terms compound helicopter and compound gyroplane are frequently used to describe the same design. The gyrodyne is one of a number of similar concepts which attempt to provide helicopter-like low-speed performance and conventional fixed-wing high-speeds, including tiltrotors and tiltwings.
Or heliplane. The first flight of the Sikorsky–Boeing SB-1 Defiant was March of 2019.

Compared to conventional helicopters, the counter-rotating coaxial main rotors and pusher propeller offer a 100-knot (115 mph; 185 km/h) speed increase, a 60% combat radius extension, and 50% better performance in high-hot hover performance.
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