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Funkhoss, here's an idea.

This isn't a cheap modification but according to what I read, it should: increase engine power by 20% (provided you're using 50% methanol and 50% water,) keep the engine cleaner (due to steam cleaning the pistons,) and give some MPG benefit. I have no experience with this modification, I don't know from experience if it works.

I'm not sure how long a methanol/water pump will last even if it's a high quality one. I also don't know how much of a benefit this would give VS. initial and running costs.

These Water & Methanol Kits can be ordered both for Gasoline and Diesel engines. Here's a post from where someone had one installed for 250k miles on a Diesel:

Finally, please don't mistake this Water & Methanol Mod for a Hydrogen Injection Mod.

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