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That's a bold claim - got any evidence? I invite you to do your own homework. The update is scheduled for 2022.

Good news out of Australia: Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines
As wildfires tear through Australia, a specialized team of firefighters has managed to save hidden groves of the Wollemi pine -- a rare prehistoric tree that outlived the dinosaurs. The trees are so rare, they were thought to be extinct until 1994. From a report:
In the world of technological solutions:'Frankenstein' Material Can Self-Heal, Reproduce
To do so, they turned to a hearty photosynthetic cyanobacterial species in the genus Synechococcus. They mixed the cyanobacterium with sand and a hydrogel that helped retain water and nutrients. The mix provided structural support to the bacteria, which -- as they grey -- lay down calcium carbonate, similar to the way some ocean creatures create shells. When dried, the resulting material was as strong as cement-based mortar. "It looks like a Frankenstein-type material," Srubar says. "That's exactly what we're trying to create, something that stays alive." Under the right conditions, which included relatively high humidity, Srubar's living material not only survived but reproduced. After the researchers split the original brick in half and added extra sand, hydrogel, and nutrients, the cyanobacteria grew in 6 hours into two full-size bricks; after three generations (in which the researchers again split the bricks), they had eight bricks, they report today in Matter.

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