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I had a cell phone for a while; it was nice but it wasn't necessary enough to justify the cost. I get net via landline so there's that synergy.
I had a Nokia candy-bar that I paid for month by month. Then TMobile wouldn't roll over unused minutes at the end of the year. Then it got worse but I forget why because I had dropped the service (plus, that was last century).

What I really wanted was something I could throw in the car's glove box, and then take it out six months or a year later and have it work once.

So I have a land line (no answering machine) and lowest tier DSL. I actually lost dial tone for three days last week, but the DSL never failed (sucks but didn't fail). The technician said that DSL only needs one of the two wires intact. The connection had failed out at the street a block away.

."Once men turned their thinking over to machines thinking this would set them free. This only allowed other men with machines to enslave them." Frank Herbert

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