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Not sure if the analogy with cancer it's appropriated. Hundred things causes cancer, but the most relevant, the far more relevant, are smoking, second hand smoking, hard drinking, sedentarism and obesity, bad food (sugar/fat mostly) and genetics. There are other but the risk increasing it's high in the aforementioned ones.

To found what creates global warming it's important to know, since in case is something we can reduce. You can't cure a lung cancer in a patient just by making hin stop smoking, for example, since this works more from prevencion. But you may be able to reduce global warming by making world population burn less fossil fuels.

For me it would be too much of coincidence that global warming started righ after industrial revolution get high power, and speed up with it as it growed more.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Yeah, but you haven't addressed my point about who cares what the cause of warming is? Doesn't matter if it's solar wind, or cow farts... what should be our response to warming is the only interesting topic. If you get cancer, does it matter which of the 4,952,843,374 things known by the state of California to cause cancer, caused your cancer, or if the diagnosis was accurate (second opinion).

What's causing warming is a boring topic; like trying to figure out which of billions of things cause cancer. Everything causes cancer, and everything causes warming. What should we be doing about it?

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