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Interested in purchasing first hybrid car!

Hi all,

As the title states I'm looking to buy my first hybrid car. Been doing research across different models, but what really landed me in the hybrid market was miles between fill-ups.

I drive an Xterra right now and during my ownership (2.5 years, 38k miles) it is averaging 16.5mpg. With a tank size of 21 gallons I'm able to get typically around 320 miles between fill-ups.

I'm drawn to the Hyundai Ioniq because it is a hatchback with the largest hybrid fuel tank (11.9 gallons) and a generous MPG. Even if I can only manage 53MPG (seems to be the real world average) I'm able to get 600 miles give or take per fill-up which sounds awesome.

All this to say, my question to this wonderful community is what recommendations as far as hybrids do you all have?

I'm looking for the following:
  • Hatchback
  • 600+ mile range (the more the better)
  • Heated seats
  • Android Auto support

I've looked into the Toyota and Honda offerings but they have smaller tanks, lower expected MPGs, typically more expensive trim to achieve the same features, or have less trunk space because they aren't hatchbacks.

If my conclusions are off base please correct me! I only know as much as what I've read.

Appreciate you reading this far and thank you again!

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