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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Was curious why overall range was an important criteria.
Some people don't like wasting time at the gas station. Here in Oregon where we aren't allowed to pump our own gas each trip is about 15 minutes wasted.


If you are buying new I would only look at PHEVs. Yes, they cost more but the EV tax credit almost always pays the difference. In some cases the PHEV is cheaper after the credit.

Personally I would get the Kia Niro over the Ioniq. The interior volume is the same but the Niro has a more useful box shape that allows large items and a flat roof to carry things on top. My biggest complaint about my Prius was the fastback hatch's lack of height. The room is worth the extra $1.50 a week in gas to me. The Niro and Ioniq are the same car under the skin.

The Prius Prime is another excellent candidate. 11.4 gallon tank x 54 mpg should give a 615 mile range not counting the electric miles. The Prius Prime is cheaper than the standard Prius after the tax credit.

Used I would strongly consider the Volt. Yes, it has a smaller tank but you will drive the first 50 miles every day on electricity which will greatly reduce trips to the gas station.

The 2nd generation Insight mentioned above is a nice car (based on the Fit platform with good aftermarket options) but it has an engine driven A/C compressor. That means in the summer the A/C turns off at every stop.
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