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I too have a big set of towing mirrors on my ole '96 F250, and I even modified them to extend them out a bit more to allow me to see "around" the trailer a bit better. Of course they also are now creating even more wind disruption in the tradeoff.

It may have cost me a little fuel economy, but it seems a lot safer to be able to see what's behind me when I need to pass etc.

Of course, a camera would be better, perhaps one or more installed on the rear of the trailer. But I wonder how much maintenance and $$$ it would take to buy and support the camera, screens, transmitters and etc. over the 24 years I've been driving my rig.

The mirrors cost virtually nothing and continue to work as well as the day I got them all those years ago. Of course, a camera system might be able to add to my average towing mileage of 14MPG. So maybe it would pay for itself, depending on a lot of circumstances.

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