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Linus Tech Tips hit 10m subscribers, Linus compared himself to Walter White (in a bad way) and retirement

It is just a guy talking off the top of his head at home. It sounds like he is going to participate less in the channel. His wife keeps asking for how much longer they would continue working tirelessly and he kept moving the goalposts, but now that they have 10m subscribers, if he died tomorrow, his wife wouldn't need to work again, his kids would be comfortable, and could afford whatever college they wanted.

It was refreshing to see a video that looked like clickbait, but he was emotional and convincing.

I do not have any idea how many subscribers The King of Random had when he retired, but he never did officially, Cody of Cody's Lab said he did. People kept saying that he was running everything behind the scenes, but as far as I know, that was pure assumption. Grant hired Nate and we hardly saw him again.

One thing that Linus mentioned was that when he built his company most other channels were one guy in his house, but they bought one property after another and hired one employee after another.

He made something that could survive without him.

I hope that you guys enjoy it and have a great day!

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