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I watched some minutes here and there. Dark and depressive as most movies today. Today movies are dark depressive, or stupid idoitic, or savage explosive ultra violence.

Do you forgot I quit to watch films after LCD/LEDs became nearly the only TV for sale?

I will never watch a entire film on a LCD/LED TV. I can't look to such garbage TVs screens more than some minutes.

Until this crap sh...t industry create something decent, worth to me look for, I let my moview entertainment in animated suspension.

I only watch short videos on PC LED screen. On PC, despite I also find disgusting to look, at least we look in a straight angle. But still have motion blur, washed color/contrast (or clipped & crushed contrast if we try to calibrate to remove the washed look).
I'm a adamantine LCD/LED hater !!!

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I didn't intend to spoil the joke (which I guess went whoosh) with my own.

Have you seen Ex_Machina?

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